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Cost of shipping depends on the shipping destination and volume or quantity of the shipment, All of our shipping quotes include documentation fees, local handling & trucking fees, packing & stuffing fees, port loading fees and all other local charges levied in the packing and delivery of your container to the port. D.D.C. fees (Document & Destination Charge) levied by the port of destination are not included. Some International ports charge a D.D.C. fee upon the arrival and handling of your shipment in your local port. Please do check with your customs department for more information on D.D.C. charges. When you contact us we will give you a definitive quote for your destination.
For wholesale, we have some special prices for the following orders, please make sure you don't miss it !! (shipping cost excluded)


US$ 5,000 +

5 %

US$ 10,000 +

3 %

US$ 20,000 +

2 %

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Order Terms

Samples: all initial samples are charged at regular FOB prices plus a sampling fee of 75 USD per order which is fully refundable against the client's first official order. Secondary sample order is charged at normal FOB prices and exempt from the additional fee.

Minimum Order Value : US$ 1250 and Minimum Order Quantity varies from product to product, for instance in case of fireplace screens, MOQ will be 25 pcs but in case of cookie cutters and napkin rings, MOQ must be 300pcs per design per size.

Price : All offered prices are understood to be FOB Mumbai port or New Delhi Airport, INDIA including packing.

To know more about FOB and other Shipping Terms please visit:

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payment methods we accept

Payment could be paid in USD/EURO/GBP via Bank Transfer to our account. Send us the copy of your transfer note by e-mail (scanned image of your transfer note)

We send the Bank Information required for WIRE TRANSFER.

For samples, we accept payment via Western Union only.

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methods of shipment

We normally use sea cargo, if you want us to send your order by air cargo or by courier we will do, choices are always yours. You will receive invoice for total cost (include shipping cost) after we receive your order by e-mail.

high Door to Door 4-7 days International courier service providers deliver the goods at your door step. For this you can create an account with them on your own or you can use our account. little or none
medium Airport Nearest You
(5 rates)
 3 days to 9 days Shipping can be organized through various air lines. The goods has to be picked by you only from your nearest air port and you yourself has to handle the custom procedures. full
(part or full)
lowest To port in destination country 22 days to 30 days
Depending on destination
Shipping can be organized through various shipping companies. The goods has to be picked by you only from your nearest Sea port and you yourself has to handle the custom procedures. full

NOTE: Few countries charges some taxes, and collects through the courier companies who delivers good at your door steps. These taxes vary country to country and are at the total discretion of that country's government.

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Bill of Lading
The Bill of Lading is the most important document without it the container cannot be claimed. It contains important data such as container's number; seal number; bill of lading's number; etc.
It is mandatory and the cost is included in the Shipping expenses.

Packing List
The Packing List contains the complete list of all the pieces loaded inside the container, the total number of pieces and the total number of cartons (or cases) plus the volume measures (in cubic meters). The totals must coincide with the ones printed on the Bill of Lading and the Invoice. It is mandatory and the cost is included in the Shipping expenses.

The Invoice contains the prices of each single piece and the total value of the container's goods. Import taxes, VAT, etc. are calculated according to such figures. It is mandatory and the cost is included in the Shipping expenses.

Certificate of Origin
GSP Certificate of Origin (Form A) from India can be provided, if required.

The Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate certify that the goods contained inside the container have been fumigated/ disinfected against insects, fungi or any other kind of parasite that could be carried within the wooden material. In some countries is not mandatory; costs are different depending on the quantity of goods to be disinfected and are not included in the Shipping expenses.

It is not mandatory; cost depends on the kind of insurance requested and is calculated according to the goods' total value as printed on the Invoice.

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delivery lead time

Delivery Time will depend on :
   - The order quantity
   - Availability of Stock
   - Working days available for shipment
   - Distances between your country to India

Usually, we take 45 days in production and shipping time varies according to shipping mode selected. To know more about Shipping mode Click Here

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Return Policy for Damaged Goods

Please read carefully and take time to ensure that you have understand and follow our instructions. The merchandise will be accepted for return only if you have immediately inform the condition of the goods once it is reach to you.

We have a very professional packaging and shipping team who makes every effort to prevent shipping damage, however under rare cases goods may be damaged. We request for your protection and security please do not sign the merchandise until you inspect and goods are in in safe condition. Incase of shipping damage please immediately contact your local cargo, UPS, DHL agent for damage inspection report.

Most importantly as always, please feel free to contact immediately with e-mail or phone to our customer service department with any further questions.


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